Training 2019

In partnership with Associação Empresarial de Sintra (“Sintra Business Association”) and Health and Safety at Work related, Produtrónica promoted, at its premises, two training sessions for all its employees, one per semester, in accordance with the Annual Training Plan: the first, in May, on Chemical Risks arising from the handling and storage of chemicals; and the second one, in October, was a first approach to Psychosocial Risks.

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Audit 2019

The first follow-up audit, after the transition of the IMS to the 2015 version of the International Quality and Environmental Standards, was held on 27th June 2019. No non-conformities were detected to the Produtrónica system.

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IMS renewal and transition audit

The renewal audit of Produtrónica’s Integrated Management System (IMS) took place on 21/06/2018. It was also a transition audit for the latest version of ISO standards, and now the company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment). The new certificates are available online on the “Quality and Environment” page.

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Fire Drill

Produtrónica realized a fire drill on 09/28/2017.
An action carried out under the Internal Emergency Plan.

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